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Our story

Patrick Donoghugh

I’m a Londoner but, unsurprisingly if you happened to notice my name, of Irish heritage. I started my adult life by not going  to university, (education and I had an uneasy relationship until much later) and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rest of my life. 

As my mum was a nurse, I thought I’d give that a go and kind of accidentally became a  psychiatric nurse. On one level, I found the job very satisfying, looking after people who were less able to look after themselves. However, I wondered if there could be something else in life that didn’t involve low pay (yes, it was like that then too), heavy lifting (patients can be very heavy), unsociable hours and clearing up bodily fluids on a daily basis. That didn’t seem too much to ask for, after all.

A good friend of mine was a poet, reciting his wares in Covent Garden in the hope of some small change being lobbed his way to earn a crust. As we were sitting in the pub one night, staring into the bottom of our glasses and generally complaining about our lots in life, we hit upon the idea of starting a comedy club. This was the 90’s, comedy was the new Rock and Roll, right? We’ll have a piece of that action, we thought. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, that period of my life was definitely a lot of fun but could probably be summed up by, creatively, very fulfilling, financially, very unfulfilling. Also, I had to deal with and book comics who were not much more mentally stable than the patients I had to deal with in my previous role.

OK, I thought to myself, no more messing about Patrick, you need to get a “proper job”. I didn’t really know what a “proper job” was but I imagined it probably involved having a desk, a phone and wearing a suit, possibly with a pot plant in the corner of the office. As I outlined this to another friend (coincidentally in the same pub though), he said “You should work in advertising because they all drive Ferraris and just go to lunch”. That sounds just what I’m after, I thought.

Having got a job in advertising, I realised that none of these things were true. You actually worked hard but it was a lot of fun. As a consequence though, I could never watch Mad Men, as it annoyed me too much, thinking my life is just not like that! I stuck with it though and worked for some of London’s best ad agencies, covering every sector from cat food to cars. One side of the job I always enjoyed was mentoring so, in 2010, I combined this with my business knowledge to set up on my own as a Business Coach.

I have loved my work since then, I gain enormous satisfaction from helping people and having the flexibility of time that running your own thing can give you However, life never stands still and I wanted to have something that made money while I slept, so I took the step into digital entrepreneurship with my beautiful wife Susan (she’s the lady below, in case you were wondering).

Initially, I was very sceptical (about digital marketing that is, not Susan). How was it going to work? I don’t know anything technical about digital were amongst many doubts in my mind. However, as you go through the process, it is much easier than you think. Yes, it requires work but trust me, if I can do it, you definitely can and the rewards are there to be had. 

Susan Katema Gräfin von Rothkirch

Hi, I’m Susan, digital entrepreneur, former diplomat, film producer and believer in others and myself. I have a real passion for touching other peoples lives and seeing them grow.

Before we started our own online business, I worked very hard to be able to look after myself, my family and pay my bills. It wasn’t easy. However, I knew I had to. Though I had a great career, I wanted more. In 2015, I decided to get a Postgraduate degree so I could up my chances of promotion and get a salary increase. I said to myself, If I can get my Masters degree then, I would be heading for that big promotion.

I was working in Foreign service, which meant I was away from home a lot. I missed my family and friends so much. Although I liked my job, I felt, I needed a post back in London.

Then tragedy struck, my niece Atanga, who was as good as a daughter to me became ill. I remember when I got the news that she had been diagnosed with cancer, I broke down in my office. I was working in Berlin at this stage. My first thought was, I needed to stop work and go and look after my daughter, I call her my daughter because her mother died who was my sister when Atanga was only 11 years old, and her brother was 6, so these two children became as good as mine. It was at this stage that I realised, I could no longer carry on doing the job that I was doing. It was time for me to head back home, but I needed a plan.

So I then started, searching for a job back in London, I had to take care of her. I took leave from work, and we started the dreaded treatment process, but sadly, her cancer was discovered too late, and she passed away a year later. I was devastated! But I knew then; the time had come for me to head back finally.

I started my search for a new job, but in my heart of hearts, all I wanted was to own my own business, I wanted to be my own boss and do something that would be fulfilling and satisfying. I looked for ideas on what to do but just kept on hitting a brick wall. I thought to myself, how do others come up with ideas….I wanted to own my own business that I could operate from home using my laptop. I had heard about how some people were now into online marketing.

Not too long after, I came across online marketing and discovered the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). From the word go, I was curious and eager to learn more. I loved the fact that I could acquire vast amounts of knowledge and earn money at the same time. I began researching the SFM, and after two days, I signed up with them. The SFM will teach you how to build your own digital business from scratch. I have never felt as satisfied in life as I do right now.

This all boils down to the fact that we are running our own business and loving it! We are able to work from anywhere in the world just as long as we have an internet connection and our MacBook Pros; it’s just awesome.

To make life better, my husband, Patrick, saw the potential in SFM and joined me a month later. Now we are living our best lives, waking up each morning and loving our work because we can do it anywhere in the world!

Your business creation home Patrick and Susan

From Us Both

If you have read our profiles, you can probably tell we are quite different characters. We do share a few things in common though, we are motivated, we love to enjoy ourselves and are committed. If you share these too, get started, it really is much easier than you think.

To your success in life.

Patrick and Susan


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