Self motivation is a phrase we are all familiar with, and aspire to, but it can be hard to achieve, here’s why.

Self motivation, Your Business Creation

The inspiration to write this came from a conversation my wife had this morning. She was chatting to a good friend of hers who was saying that she was finding it difficult to motivate herself at the moment, for a whole variety of reasons, which is most unlike her. Now this is a situation that I’m sure we can all identify with at some point or another so why is it so hard to get your mojo going again?

When I last looked, there where over 1 billion results on Google for ‘self motivation‘ and a gargantuan amount of books (more of which later) so information is not exactly in short supply. The truth is there are myriad reasons why, starting with your upbringing. If you’ve been told from a young age that “you’ll only get so far in this world” for instance, chances are that is as far as you get. At the very least, it will be that much harder to motivate yourself compared to someone who was told “the world is your oyster!”.

Tied to what you were told, not only as a kid but also as an adult by bosses etc. lies the foundation stone of your motivation, your self esteem. You are never going to be motivated if you are not feeling good about yourself. Your first step needs to be assessing your self esteem and working out what steps to take if it needs to be improved.

As I mentioned above, there’s a ton of books to read about ways to motivate yourself and, as a coach, I’m often asked which ones I would recommend. The answer I usually give is that there is no particular one that I would recommend. Put simply, we are all far too different, with different needs, for one book to be the Holy Grail of motivation (despite what the author might claim!). My advice would be, while reading, jot down the pieces that you personally find useful, and forget about the things that don’t suit you. That way, you can devise your own personal motivational plan, rather than slavishly trying to follow one view on the world.

Now, it’s all very well having a plan and executing it but maintaining it is the really tricky part. This is particularly important if you run your own business, after all, if you’re not motivated about yourself and your product, no one else is going to be.

It can be hard because there are lots of other things that vie for our time, kids, being busy at work etc. In addition, life can provide us with unexpected knock-backs, all of which can drain us and make us lose sight of some other important things.

Try and do a self assessment every couple of weeks or so, to see how you’re doing. Then, if there is anything, you can go back to the motivational plan you did before.

If you have have any questions, just post below and we’ll get back to you. And, to my wife’s friend, hope this is useful and you get your mojo back soon!

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