When I’m coaching people who are about to start their own business, one of the most common things they say is “I’m worried because I don’t know how to sell”. My response is the same every time, “Yes, you do”.

Salesman your business creation

We all do, it’s hardwired into us. As a child, we might try and convince our parents that we have been well behaved in the hope that we might get a treat. As we grow up, when dating, we might act slightly differently to our normal behaviour, hoping to gain their affection. Even as a parent, when you may not know the answer to something, you will portray to your child that you are certain. You are effectively selling them the idea that you know what you are talking about.

When we get dressed in the morning, this is our metaphorical shop front that we are creating. Depending on our audience, we might want to appear professional, alluring or casual etc. While at work, we will alter our behaviour around colleagues and bosses, part of that is because we want them to have a good opinion of us. Now, all these tactics may not work all the time but there is not a salesperson in the world, ever, who has achieved a 100% conversion record.

You might be thinking “Yeah, I get the comparison with dating, parenting etc. But how do I actually SELL something to someone?!”. Last time I checked, when you Google ‘the key to selling‘, there are about 1,970,000,000 results. So, there’s plenty of information out there but what to do with it?

Clearly, I didn’t go through all of the results but there are a lot of mentions of ‘identify your goals, understand customer needs, listen etc.’. Don’t get me wrong, these are useful techniques in organising structure for your sale but they count for nothing if people don’t trust you.

All of which prompts the question, “how do I get people to trust me?”. I am asked this question a lot and there are a lot of studies about it. After years of experience in advertising and coaching, I have settled on two things, both of which take no effort, just honesty with yourself:

  1. Have genuine passion for what you’re selling. Think about it, why would a person of any conscience sell something that they wouldn’t buy themselves in the same position?
  2. Be yourself. People often have a preconceived idea about how a perfect salesperson is. Be confident in who you are, after all, that’s why people like you.

    Remember, if you start out on a new venture, what you are selling might be new to you, but trust me, you know how to sell.

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