It’s a strange thing, we talk about living the “perfect life”, as something to aspire to. The reality is though, it doesn’t exist. That may sound like a negative statement but it’s really not a negative one.

Perfection is a destination, a final arrival point that can’t be improved upon, and life is not a destination, it’s a journey. Seeking perfection is like trying to reach the horizon, try as you might, you’ll never get there. It’s easy to forget that though when we’re surrounded by all sorts of wonderful images on social media, we can feel a little dissatisfied with our own lives and come to believe everyone’s got it better than us, and having more fun.

I read something interesting about Picasso the other day. The only paintings he ever signed were the ones that he sold, to earn himself some money when he needed it. The rest were a constant work in progress, something to be constantly adapted and improved. In short, never perfect.

If you think about the horizon example and apply it to your own life, the horizon is broad, a stretch of land that is undefinable. So, define what your destination is, what does it look like, what will it be like when you arrive, how will you feel? Write it down so you have something to work towards. If you do that, naturally enough when you arrive there, there will be a new horizon to work towards.

Even the word itself has become a bit devalued, the definition of perfect is “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be”. The other day I was checking in to a hotel, went to the desk and said to the receptionist, “Hello, I’ve got a room booked for tonight” and gave her my name, her response was “Perfect!”. I just thought the fact that I have booked a hotel room and checked in isn’t perfect, it’s actually pretty standard.

Think of your life like an unsold Picasso painting, beautiful but never the finished article, something valuable that needs attention to see how it can be improved.

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    1. Thanks, nice to hear. I must admit, we fiddled around for quite a while but have managed to get to a place where we are BOTH happy! 😂

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