When asked this question, the usual answer revolves around possessions, a house, a car etc. However, everyone actually owns a lot more than that.

Think about it, what else do you own that can never be anyone else’s? Well, your opinions for a start, they belong to you and are entirely controlled by you, it’s only you that can change them. Your attitude is also something that belongs exclusively to you and is way more important than material possessions when it comes to your quality of life.

What else? Your behaviour is something you own, good or bad, although we don’t always take responsibility for it if it’s bad, but you 100% own it, no one else. There are other examples that might include personal passions etc. but there is one more really important one that I’d like you to think about.

What about your time, do you own that? On one level, of course you do, no one else owns it, or do they? Think about your work, if you are employed, you are effectively selling your time for money. Obviously, you need to earn money but how much money is your time worth? Let’s make it precise, put a figure on it. When you factor in the inconvenience and stress that working for someone else can involve, what’s the figure now? In fact, can you even put a price on it?

Everything you own, you have control over, maybe you should say that your time is not for sale anymore.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

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