We are all aware about how much time we spend at work, often more time than we want to but are you aware of how you spend your time when you’re not working?

I don’t mean things like looking after any kids you might have, or doing chores, these are things that have to happen in your life, like work, to keep it functioning. I mean your actual leisure time. You might say to me “what leisure time!” but you will have some.

The reason I’m asking this question is that we have dreams in our life about what we want to do but we dismiss them because we say, “I haven’t got the time to do that”. We keep track of our money in life (hopefully!) and spend accordingly, perhaps saving any extra money or buying ourselves a treat. Keeping control of our time doesn’t tend to happen however so, we know exactly much money we really have but are much less clear about how much time we have.

Time is our most valuable resource and yet we can lose track of it and waste it. So, if there’s something you want in life but feel you don’t have the time, check to see if you can afford it, time-wise.

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Your business creation

If it’s something that requires a lot of time like writing your first book or starting your own business, save your time up for it, like you would with money for a new car or a deposit for a house.

Where can you find yourself one hour to do something that you’ll enjoy and may change your life? At the start, keep a track of your time, like you would on a bank statement.

At its most obvious, perhaps you could get up an hour earlier? If that doesn’t work, maybe less time on social media? Like those small direct debits that you forget about until you review your finances, are there any regular, small bits of time that you could save? Be strict, like you would with your money, this is YOUR time after all.

You will know where your time could be better spent, an extra hour a day could change your life.

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