It sounds so simple, doesn’t it, a binary decision but life is a lot more complicated than that, depending how important the decision is, a myriad of emotions can be swirling around in our head which get in the way of making a decision.

The emotion that usually comes to the front of our mind that stops us saying yes is worry. Worry stops us branching out, stops us doing something new and exciting. Instead of feeling motivated and excited by a new opportunity, we feel worried in case it doesn’t work when, in actual fact, both outcomes are just as likely. So, why not believe in the positive one?

Nothing ever moved forward by being given a no, a yes is forward looking. It’s true that saying yes can require courage and possibly dedication but it is also empowering and rewarding, at the very least, you will learn something about yourself. There isn’t a reward with a no, just a slightly empty feeling when you wonder what might have been.

So next time you feel constrained by worry over a decision about your future, say yes. It might take you somewhere very special.

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