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Let me be clear upfront. Success is not going to find you. You have to be hungry to succeed in life. Some argue that failure is what keeps them down. What you have to remember is that your failures are what defines you (in part). It becomes part of your self development.

It is easy to congratulate someone on success due to the positive nature. Most people(unfortunately) want to focus on success being part of the game plan. What they fail to understand is that any failure you have is just a building block on the way to success.

Below I will provide some more insight concerning these ideas and how they become part of your success.

An Example

I want to begin with an example of how someone’s short-comings can help them become a success in life.

Richard Branson grew up with dyslexia and a poor academic school record. His headmaster told him he had two choices. He could either end up in jail or make a better life for himself and become a multi-millionaire. Richard worked hard and did not let his poor academic issues stop him.

Steve Jobs did not go to college; and yet, look at his career turned out.

Those are just two examples of how self development, motivation, and inspiration can lead to a better life. Here are some other tips on how to become a success.

  1. Educate Yourself, Including Personal Development
Educate yourself YourBusinessCreation
Educate yourself YourBusinessCreation

You need an education through real-world experience and school.

Part of self development is knowing when and when not to question something. Self development includes always being prepared and having the courage to change your mind on something.

“People get stuck in their way of thinking. This is who I am, This is how I dress. This is the haircut that I am used to”. Madonna, 1993

Madonna is probably one of the best inspirations (that I can think of) when it comes to evolution and self development. She did not stay “Like A Virgin” forever. She knew she had to constantly evolve to stay on top for as long as she has.

You have to be hungry for it. No one else is going to give you that hunger.

2) Discipline

Another aspect of self development is having the motivation to carry on (especially when the odds are not in your favour ). Some people have that in them already, and some do not. The people who do not have to work a little harder, but it will come. One reason why some people do not have the self development or discipline that they want is due to their unwillingness. One small failure stops them. You cannot let one or a thousand failures define you.

Motivation, and what defines you is what keeps you going. Learning from your successes and failures will help you with your road to success.

Discipline means knowing that you will succeed despite the odds (no matter how long it takes).

“I learned from my failures, not my success”. Barry Manilow

You are going to have times when someone tells you they do not like something you did. That comes with the territory. Part of self-development means you cannot get hung up on approval and caring about what others think. A majority of the success stories happened because the person did not listen to the naysayers.

In some weird way, your failures will serve as motivation to keep going (proving to everyone else who doubted you that you can do it).

3) Your Word Is Your Bond

Your business creation

Most of us old-schoolers subscribe to the blue-collar (earn your way in life) mentality, and we believe your word is your bond. You should only say “yes” if you mean it. Saying no means no. I know that sounds kind of obvious, but some people forget. We live in an age where people can say whatever they want without meaning it.

That is the last thing you should do if you want to achieve success in life. By the way, success is measured by many things. Success does not always mean financially (though that is important too).

You have to figure out what success means for you. Let that definition be the motivation you need to succeed. Always remember, that your word is your bond. You cannot have real success if you go back on your word.

4) Inspiration From Others


Who inspires you in life? Who and what do you want to be in life when you grow up? I look at some very specific people when it comes to my motivation and inspiration.

Some of the people who served as much inspiration and motivation growing up (and still do to this day) include, Nicholas James Vujicic, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Nelson Mandela, and many more. This list gives you an idea of what I mean. I love this quote by Les Brown “Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality”.

Look at who inspires you. Now take that inspiration and channel it into what you want to do. Now, there can be only one Nicholas James Vujicic, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins,(etc), but you can be your version of what you see in them.

The idea is to inspire, not steal from someone else. That is not going to make you a success. You can stay true to you, and still include the inspiration from the people you like.

5) Leading By Example

Once you become a success, then you can begin to let others get inspiration from you. However, you do have to lead by example. Success in life does not include being a hypocrite. Once again, it goes back to your word being your bond. Do everything you would want someone else to get inspired by you.

Whatever your definition of success is, I genuinely hope you achieve all of it but it really is all up to you.

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