As tempting as it might get, giving up should never be an option, especially when you are trying to pursue something that you love. As you embark on the journey towards achieving your goals, there are obstacles that you are going to face, both personal or professional. It is normal to feel like giving up sometimes, especially when the challenges are too much to handle, but like I said, giving up should never be an option. Resilient as you may be, there are moments when you reach your breaking point, where you feel like the rewards do not match your efforts.

Many situations may make you feel like giving up on your dreams. When you start out on the journey, things are always more straightforward, and you work rigorously to prove that you are worth it. At some point, you may end up losing sight of your goals if you give people the power to influence your decisions. The person might be your parent, friends, manager, or perhaps your partner. Another circumstance that may make you give up is failing once and never trying again. The reality is, when you think about giving up, there is a lot of strength in you that you have not realised yet. As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re probably right”. Here are some reasons to help you think you can achieve your goals:

  1. You are alive and you can

Provided you are alive; you can change any situation if you put your mind to it. Well, this might seem like usual advice, but it is essential, mainly because you are reminded about the ticking clock that is your life. Every minute you are procrastinating, doing what you want in life brings you closer to your death. As long as you are alive, you can keep fighting and accomplish what you want in life.

2. You need to prove to yourself that you can

Proving to yourself and the entire world that you are capable of achieving your dreams is the biggest motivator not to give up. Look at successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs. If he gave up, we would not have amazing smartphones and creative apps that we have today. Never let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you want because real failure creeps in when you give up on your dreams.

3. It is worth trying than never try at all

Perhaps you regret trying something when you had the chance, and you are wondering how things could have turned out if you tried. That intense feeling of regret might eat you up even after years, and the only way you can prevent this is by trying. It will not cost you anything to try starting that business or perhaps invest in a new product or service. The outcome might turn out to be huge provided you make a stepwise plan on you can go about achieving your goals.

4. Failure

Most people fail to pursue their goals simply because they fear failure. The reality is that failure is one way in which we learn and grow and humankind only progressed through failing and learning. The road to success is always bumpy, but you can still overcome. For your business to be successful, making mistakes is guaranteed because you get to learn from them and make more informed decisions to help your business grow. Failure is part of the success journey, and it is never too late unless you quit.

5. Success feels amazing

If there is one incredible feeling in the world is knowing that you faced many challenges in life and overcome them through hard work and persistence. If you reach the point where you feel like giving up, remember what success tastes like. Celebrating the victories you accomplish on the way will motivate you to keep fighting until you get what you want in life.

6. You are energetic and resilient

The strength needed to accomplish your goals is within you, and despite the many obstacles you face, you have the energy to keep pressing on. Tell yourself that you are going to start that business and believe in it, and you are going to be successful. Strength comes specifically from you, and you are the only one who has the power to stop.

7. Prove people wrong

Not everyone will want you to succeed, and sadly we live in a world where people will celebrate your failures. It is not surprising that even your relatives and friends will want you to give up on your dreams, and they will do everything possible to make you doubt your capabilities. Prove them wrong by working relentlessly towards accomplishing your goals and, at the end, they will want to be part of your success.

8. You have to be an inspiration to other people

When you get to the point where you feel like giving up, remember that there are many people out there who look up to you. Even if it gets tough, you have to continue fighting because you will be teaching others what to do when they are faced with challenges.

9. It can get worse

Remember, you are not the only facing problems in life, and compared to millions of people in the world, yours might be insignificant. For instance, you just launched a new company, and maybe the sales are deteriorating each day, and you want to give up. Sure enough, this is disappointing, but can you compare your problem with someone else who sleeps hungry every day or perhaps sleeps on the floor with nothing to wrap around his body? The reality is people go through severe problems in life, and you need to be thankful that yours is only a minor problem that you can overcome.

10. Things can only get better

I keep asking myself what good will come if I give up on my dreams. The satisfaction that comes with being in the dark is enough to motivate you that things will get better with time. Please adhere to your goals and be rigorous about it, and success will eventually knock on your door.

Dreams are vital for anyone who is looking to be successful in life. Obstacles are always there to deter you from achieving them, but with hard work and determination, you can overcome them.

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