All of us at some point imagined being something else. As a child, anything was possible. You genuinely believe you could be anything, a superhero, a film star, a sporting hero. When I was a kid, on any given day, I could have been all three of them! At this point in our lives, our only boundary is our imagination. We can literally be anything we want.

As we get older though, our dreams and aspirations can fade. We can get held back and constrained by those around us, could be teachers, could be bosses, could even be our own parents. Their advice and guidance is usually well intended but they lay their own set of beliefs and limitations on our lives.

Now admittedly, becoming a superhero is a bit tricky, and there comes a time in life where playing professional sport is not realistically going to happen. However, what about our other dreams? For instance, having a job where we can do what we want, when we want, and answer to no one other than ourselves, earning a salary that gives us the finer things in life.

These desires get swept away with all the others when, in fact, they are within reach. They just require some self belief and some commitment, just ask any super hero or sports star.

With thanks to the wonderful Seth Godin for the inspiration for this post.

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