Here in the UK, we are (hopefully) past the worst of Covid 19. However, what is acknowledged globally is that things are going to change, how much and how long for is less clear.

With the inevitable optimism that comes with the easing of lockdown restrictions, people are now talking about what the new normal is going to be. This made me think about how we define normality in our lives, normal is generally seen as good whereas abnormal is seen as bad, “he’s not normal” for instance, “I’m afraid your test results have come back abnormal, I’m afraid”. Even in business, “achieving norms” is seen as a good thing.

The reality is that the pursuit of being normal, and fitting in, can hold us back, stop us from doing things that we’d like to do with our lives, stop us from taking steps to achieve our goals because if we failed, well, that just wouldn’t be normal would it? In a recent survey of 2000 people, 80% believed their life would have been better if they had taken more risks.

It’s important to remember that you have a choice in this, you can define what your own personal new normal is, why not make it the best possible one for you?

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