The majority of us feel the need to ‘fit in’ to a greater or lesser degree. It’s a basic motivation instilled in us from childhood and beyond, everything from how you should behave to when you should own your own home through to finding a ‘good’ job. Eric Berne, the world renowned psychiatrist, talked about us all, subconsciously, playing out scripts in our lives.

While some of these scripts can be useful, they can also be damaging as they become a barrier to us being the best we can possibly be. Certainly, as we get older, the pressure to fit in can increase as we feel we haven’t fulfilled our personal scripts and have failed. In short, our need to fit in has overtaken what we really want in life.

Certainly at the moment, when most of us are in lockdown, we have some time to think and reflect. So, take some of that time to think about what the best version of you would be.

Put aside what you feel you should be, forget for now what those around you tell you what you should be and focus on what you want to be.

Covid 19 means new beginnings for the whole world, in so many ways. Why not take some time to become the best version of you?

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