Perhaps something you’ve not really considered before but reading Seth Godin’s blog the other day made me think about it. I believe the difference is important. Education is something you (hopefully!) gain at school or university, learning we gain throughout our lives from all sorts of sources, family, friends, TV, books, the internet etc.

The reason I think it’s important to understand the difference is because we can get confused. I didn’t do too well at school and never went to university. Consequently, I always saw people who did as being a bit better than me because they were “cleverer”.

As time went by, although I wasn’t academic, I realised that I was naturally curious and I listened to what people had to say and open minded to new information, even if I didn’t agree with it. In short, I was learning.

Sometimes we can find education in later life intimidating because we have an internal voice saying “What if I don’t get it? I’ll look stupid” or “What’s the point?” Learning however, we just do naturally everyday and there’s no exam to pass or fail, you literally cannot fail. All you have to do is be open to it.

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