Working from home is certainly convenient, flexible hours, no commute etc. However, it does require a bit of self-discipline and can feel a bit lonely, here are some tips that we have found useful.

  • Have a schedule and stick to it (Mostly!)

It can be tempting to keep hitting the snooze button but, long term, it’s a slippery slope. Set a time you’re going to start and finish and schedule regular breaks, research has shown that short breaks throughout the day are more effective than fewer, longer breaks.

Also, develop a routine after you get up to get you to your laptop. It could be just a cuppa and some cereal, or maybe a visit to the gym.

  • Get dressed!

For some of you, well ok, me then, the thought of mooching about in your pj’s until lunchtime may sound wonderful but it’s not the best for your productivity. Having a shower and getting some clothes on will freshen you up and mentally prepare you to do some work.

  • Get some air

Getting out is really important, don’t just sit staring at the screen all day. Some fresh air will give you a fresh perspective on things if you’re stuck. Also, if you’re writing something which requires some thought, find the environment that works for you. Some people like the door shut and complete silence, others like the gentle hubbub of a cafe.

Your business creation walking
Your business creation walking
  • Structure your work to suit you

When do you do your best work, in the morning or the afternoon? Personally, anything that requires concentration (writing a blog post for instance!) I try to do in the morning. I then do the slightly more mindless admin type stuff in the afternoon. Find out what works for you.

  • Spoil yourself occasionally
Patrick and Susan YourBusinessCreation

Every now and then, indulge in the flexibility that working from home gives you. Susan and I are quite partial to the occasional pub lunch, so we do it, just because we can! Maybe it’s a trip to the cinema or a gallery visit. I feel bad admitting it but there is something very satisfying about doing something you enjoy while other people are working!


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